Friday, March 4, 2011


Ahhh, feels good to be home, finally. Salam and hi all.

Just to remind you guys that I have started my degree back in Cyberjaya, back to the root again, the old place. So don't freak out if you're not seeing me online 24-7. So far everything's fine. The registration went well, the hostel is okay, roomate, housemates, classmates, classes and lecturers , everything's just fine. Pheww.

But I have a hunch that degree life will move me far far away from my comfort zone. No more main-main and honeymoon since the programme is combining with students from Africa, Kazakhstan, China and so much more. It's a challenge for me because this is the first time i'm with the international students. Gotta put lots of effort and hard work into this.

Anyway, I've met few familiar faces at school like Sahri AF, he's in music school, the daughter of arwah Din Beramboi, I don't know what's her name but I think she's in comm school, and of course the hot and bubbly Indo singer Acha Septriasa. She happens to be my classmate for one of my subject yawww. Oooyeah. But I'm sure it would be rude and not professional to take pictures with her on the 1st day of class kann..So we'll get to that later. Okay, like I said, no more comfort zone. Means No more good food, no more HBO, E! whatsoever, Twitter updates, Facebook. YM etc etc. But i'll try my best to update you guys.

Enjoy the pics :)

The room

View from the room